Moshe Bacharach, MD

Moshe Bacharach, MD

Dr. Bacharach is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Bacharach speaks fluent English and Hebrew and (to a limited degree) German and Italian.

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Holter Monitor

Your physician has ordered a test called a Holter Monitor. This test is simply a 24 hour electrocardiogram of your heart. This test in not in any way invasive. It is designed to pick up certain rhythm irregularities in your heart, as well as periods of "angina" that could happen during that period. This information would give your physician a better understanding of your problem and help diagnose and treat you.

The Holter monitor will be put on in our office by a medical assistant and you will be given a sheet of paper headed "Diary", to indicate time and date of any particular symptoms that happen during the 24-hour monitoring. While you wear the monitor, you are free to perform your regular activities, except showering. You will have to return to our office 24 hours later to have the monitor removed. A technician will scan the Holter monitor tape and the doctor will interpret the results. Several days later, you will be advised by your physician of the results, diagnosis and treatment.


We are fully participating with Medicare. If you are a Medicare recipient, we will accept the Medicare approved amount. You will be responsible for your yearly deductible (if not met yet) as well as your 20% co-pay. If you have a secondary insurance, it will cover the 20% co-pay.

We participate in United Healthcare, Oxford and Amerihealth.

Please bring your referral (if necessary) with you.

If you do not have insurance, please call our office and arrange for a payment schedule which is mutually agreeable to both of us.

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